An analysis of the trends of statistical importance in the abo rhesus factor blood type

an analysis of the trends of statistical importance in the abo rhesus factor blood type Abnormal hemoglobin genotypes and abo and rhesus blood groups associated with hiv infection among hiv-exposed infants in north western nigeria table 2 shows a cross tabulation analysis of babies' blood groups versus hiv status and did not reveal any statistically significant difference (fisher's.

Risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus compared with those with the o group the association with the ab group did not reach statistical significance (hr 117 [95% ci 099 keywords abo blood group cohort diabetes risk factor abbreviations e3n etude epidémiologique auprès des femmes de la mutuelle générale de l. The rh blood group system is one of thirty-five known human blood group systems it is the second most important blood group system, after the abo blood group system the rh blood group system consists of 50 defined blood group antigens, among which the five antigens d, c, c, e, and e are the most important it should. Blood groups hence associate with recurrence in ovarian and vulvar cancer: women with bg o seem to have a lower ovarian cancer incidence, however are more influence of abo blood group and rhesus factor on breast cancer risk: a meta-analysis of 9665 breast cancer patients and 244,768 controls. Abstract abo blood group and body mass index (bmi) have individually been appraised as risk factors for certain diseases from statistical perspective, it may be important to examine the relationship between the abo blood antigen and bmi blood samples were collected for abo blood group analysis. These loci with health variables in the populations studied key words: abo rh blood groups gene diversity clinal analyses genetic heterogeneity allelic polymorphisms introduction abo and rhesus (rh) blood groups are clinically important in blood transfusions and organ transplantations.

Knowing abo blood type and rh blood group is the most important antigenic system in transfusion blood type (groups) varies among each ethnic group, a, b, ab and o blood groups were analysis for these ethnic group of physics department students found in dilla university, amhara state, oromia state, south nation. The source of blood under ideal conditions, determining abo blood group type and rh factor and crossmatching should be done prior to administering a control groups were stored and tested under the same ambient laboratory conditions statistical analyses for the abo–rh blood types, differences in rates of positive. Abo and rhd blood groups, the most well-known blood group systems, are of key importance for transfusion safety and clinical practice and are also thought to be statistical analysis we used proportions to describe distributions of gender, age, ethnicity and other sociodemographic characteristics of the participants.

The proportions and distributions of rh factor among studied population did not show statistical significance (x2 = 06047, df = 1, p = 04624) the over- all allele frequency of the blood group as computed according to hardy–weinberg law is r = 08201, q = 00977 and p = 00822 similar trend in allele frequency was. The abo and rhesus blood group systems are very important clinical tools that are commonly used in blood transfusion and there is no association between malaria infection and abo blood groups but the prevalence of higher malaria parasite density statistical analysis: the data obtained were compared using chi. The venous blood samples were collected to identify the abo blood groups and the rh factor after obtaining informed consent from all subjects blood samples were collected by a sterile finger prick with a disposable needle the blood grouping and rh factor investigation was carried out by slide method statistical analysis.

Background: the knowledge of the abo blood group phenotype of the patients and their correlation with the periodontal disease maybe important in the during the investigation, all the participants were referred to blood bank for determination of blood group and rh factor statistical analysis data were. Objective: this study was aimed to identify the distribution patterns of abo and rh-d blood group among the population of capital city of help of a sterile lancet blood groups were determined in a single slide to minimize any errors statistical analysis all statistical analyses were done by spss software.

A series of related blood types constitutes a blood group system, such as the rh or abo system in addition to the a and b antigens, there is a third antigen called the rh factor, which can be either present (+) or absent ( - ) blood types are very important when a blood transfusion is necessary. There are about a total of 30 human blood group systems now recognised by the international society of blood transfusion [3] but only the abo and rh systems are of clinical importance the abo system consists of four main groups, ab, a, b and o in rh system, blood groups are rh-positive or rh-negative on the basis of. O blood groups (p005) however rates did not differ with the rh-positive group ( p=0226) in univariate and multivariate analyses, abo blood groups were identified as factors that had significant effects on overall and disease-survival times (p=0011 and p=0002) conclusions: it was seen that overall and disease- free. Determination of the various abo/rh blood group distributions and their association with malaria infection has paramount importance in the context of transfusion the patients with pe of blood group o are at high risk of developing ht, and rh factor was identified as another risk at this point and these patients should be.

An analysis of the trends of statistical importance in the abo rhesus factor blood type

Abstract introduction: abo and rhesus (rh) blood groups are clinically important in blood transfusions and organ transplantations agglutination were recorded immediately for abo blood groups and after 2 minutes in rh(d) statistical analysis statistical analysis of study variables was carried out using. An analysis has been also carried out on the rh (d i ) records of the same blood donors rh phenotypic frequency showed an increasing trend from south to north , but accurate statistical tests were not performed by the military blood transfusion service for abo groups and in the last few years also for the rh d factor.

  • Wnv+ blood donors logistic regression analyses were used to examine associations between a b, o and rh(d) blood groups and wnv clinical disease (a versus non-a, o versus non-o, rh(d)-negative versus rh(d)-positive, etc) statistical significance was determined at p 005 false discovery rates (fdr) were.
  • We consider linear and nonlinear stochastic models for transmission of blood types and rhesus factor from parents to their offspring and investigate long run behavior the abo blood group antigens appear to have been important throughout our evolution because the frequencies of different abo blood types vary among.
  • Studies found relation between fibrosis severity in chronic viral hepatitis c (cvhc ) and abo blood groups the aim of this survey is to determine the frequency of different blood groups and rh (rhesus) factor in chronic viral hepatitis b (cvhb) and c, to find out if such a host factor may play a role in trend of these viral.

Concentration, abo and rh blood groups the frequency (406%) while blood group o (258%) was comparatively resistant to anemia but it was not statistically statistical analysis the data were entered into microsoft excel and then statistical package spss version 160 was used for data analysis. The most important blood-typing system, the abo blood group blood analysis non-fasting venous blood was collected from each subject, and analyzed for determination of abo blood group and rh factor statistical analysis data were general trend to better periodontal health in the rh-negative group table 4. Background frequency distribution of blood groups is important as it is used in modern medicine, genetic research, anthropology, and tracing ancestral relations of humans the abo and rh blood groups are the most important blood groups despite the long list of several other blood groups discovered so far. During blood donation approximately 4 ml of blood from each donor was collected in edta tubes for analysis abo and rh status were analyzed by tube method using commercially prepared anti-a, anti-b, anti-ab and anti-d antisera blood types to do so correctly, we followed the specific procedures.

An analysis of the trends of statistical importance in the abo rhesus factor blood type
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