Write a blog about your favourite

If those 10 ideas sound good to you, consider writing up those blog posts on your computer before you get into developing your site if you find it difficult to finish those first 10 posts and are already cringing at the topic, then it's probably not right for you the good news is that you didn't waste time and money. Confess your biggest parenting failure boast about your biggest parenting success turn a negative comment into a positive post unite with another parenting blogger to write a point/counterpoint blog post each week write about your favorite me time indulgences share your personal story of helping kids. Blogging provides an authentic educational experience, where what they write is not only seen and commented on by their teacher, but by their peers and the visit some of the blogs on the examples of class blog list then leave a comment on this post to tell us which were your favorite class blog(s) on the list and why. Describing itself as a blogging platform designed to help you think, svbtle is fairly similar to medium in approach it again strips everything right back, resulting in a bold, stylish experience that pushes words to the fore it could easily become your favourite blogging platform for the act of writing, but it again.

When i need a good old-fashioned kick-in-the-butt, i read the blog of my mentor seth barnes and, of course, whenever i need to feel inspired, i read the bible โ€” often an epistle of paul, the gospel of john, or the psalms if i want a laugh, i'll read my friend bryan allain if i need some affirmation as an artist, i'll read julia. Where do buffer blog readers go in addition to the buffer blog here's a list of 50 favorite blogs for marketing, social media, productivity, and more. Find out some quick and simple techiques that will allow you to generate ideas for blog posts each and every time that you sit down to write an article use a feed reader (we like feedly) to subscribe to your favourite blogs and check in once a day to see what's been published don't be afraid to steal. Happy new year it's that time again โ€“ to nominate your favorite writing blog for 2017 let's do this best-writing-blog-2017 i'd like your help with choosing the best writing blogs for 2017 are you up for the challenge every year, positive writer publishes the 50 best writing blogs on the web and although.

Whether your goal for 2017 is to land a book deal, become a full-time freelancer, up your guest posting game or find a writing partner-in-crime, we've got you freelancer in communications and brand strategy, and loves exploring minimalist blogging and social media practices at her site mindful & minimal. I can guarantee you that your favourite blogger didn't blow up out of nowhere โ€” they hustled and stuck with the grind behind the scenes for years, plugging away and trying to you can't become a successful writer, artist, entrepreneur, designer, potter, architect, software developer or puppeteer over night.

On the other side of the pond, an equally famous american lexicographer, noah webster, wanted to make the english language used in america truly american so, his 1828 dictionary recommended the -or spellings of the disputed words to this day, webster gets a lot of credit for influencing the way americans write. Your favourite recipe, even if you're the worst cook in the world sometimes there's an art to making the best vegemite toast you could ever eat 4 the day you left home 5 that one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it {or perhaps you didn't and that would make an even better blog post cringe} 6 the hardest. Whether your new blog post is a stand-alone article or part of a series you're writing, it should fit into your blog categories as well as your overall for example, i stated above that writing curated posts like the 26 tips series here on social media examiner is one of my favorite types of posts to write.

3 choose any piece of writing from your favorite writer or blogger and copy it by hand onto your pad once you're done, copy another one do this for one full hour continue this same process every night for the next four months 4 at the end of the fourth month, find an old post and re-write it so you can see. I've compiled 151 inspirational, multi-faceted, mind-blowing ideas that will make your blog so hot, your computer will accuse you of arson because it's on fire already have a great blog asking for their favorite color isn't good enough, make it creative and relevant to your niche #15 share your goals and. If you have a passion for cooking or exploring new culinary venues, food blogging can turn out to be a fun and profitable way to become part of an active community of others who share your favorite hobby if you have some good writing skills, there's no reason you can't succeed in this increasingly popular. Make sure that you include photographs how do you create characters perhaps you could blog about where your ideas come from are they based on people you know do you use character questionnaires when you were little write a post on your five favourite books when you were a child or a.

Write a blog about your favourite

Look at the text and do the exercises to practise and improve your writing skills. Don't just write blog post due on each tuesday write the proposed topic you will write on for each day plan as far in advance as you can you can (and will) change your plans but this will help keep you on track and honest if writing a blog is not your favourite thing to do, do not write more often than.

  • Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite blogging platform updating, geo-tagging for location-based blogging, and easy publication from editing tools like google docs, microsoft word, and windows live writer you can write posts and long as you want, attaching photos and media files.
  • Find a tedtalk you love, embed it into a blog post, and write about it x things i've learned in x amount of years post (you can publish it on your birthday) favorite etsy shops birthday wish list a list of your favorite people to follow on twitter share a freebie (create a checklist or a printable or something.

What are your favorite youtube channels there you have it, 103 great blog post ideas to write about now it's your turn go ahead and go through the exercise of asking yourself these questions i bet you'll surprise yourself by the amount of original blog post ideas that you'll think of if you want more ideas,. Imagine you're talking to your favorite client one way to make your writing feel more like an informal conversation than a stiff blog post is to imagine having that conversation with your favorite client or ideal customer as a personal example, i've noticed that the engagement on my own posts has increased considerably. Teeny tiny writing is hard to read online, even for people with 20/20 vision like me make it bigger check out some of your favorite blogs, compare the font size they use and decide what works best for your readers if they're older they might prefer even bigger text than the average blog reader don't overuse bold text or it. Here are 81 blog topic ideas to get you thinking about what you could focus (or re -focus) your site on (some of the most how to write an e-bestseller (how could we document the process of creating an amazon kindle (or other electronic format) bestseller) what about blogging your progress through a favorite book.

write a blog about your favourite From taking that perfect insta shot to writing an appealing blog title to capture your audience's attention, life as a blogger can get very hectic rest assured, i have a list of amazing blogging tools that i use everyday which i'm sure will make your life much easier (hint: they are all free to use.
Write a blog about your favourite
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